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JAN 1, 2022




One late coffee night led to the creation of Nostra in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Fiery and Edneil were having a conversation about how difficult it is to gain exposure and earn income from being an independent content creator. For three years, Edneil has been creating blogs and photography, with very minimal results. Nobody is noticing him.

Like Edneil, many of these “little ones” of our world are the content creators - people who create great content, but are not given the deserved opportunity.


We have interviewed and met many of them and discovered that: they have no resources, no skills to market and distribute their creations, no audience and no means to earn from their creative work despite the wide array of popular social and digital media platforms.

Thus, they are caught in the classic Creators’ Dilemma: should I do what I love and where I am good at, or should I make money?

Since the existing platforms are biased and do not provide adequately for their basic needs, content creators settle for less.

Rey came in for help. Long story short, we worked hard together to create this exciting platform!


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Equality, teamwork, business



  • CREATION OF AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CONTENT MARKET. “Everybody should have an equal opportunity to succeed. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, you can make it.” – Barack Obama

  • CREATION OF A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL, UNBIASED PLATFORM. “There is a need to focus on the poor as business partners to co-create businesses and markets that mutually benefit the companies and communities.” – C. K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (c) 2004

  • FOCUS ON BOP MARKET AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION. “Doing business at middle and bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP) is not about corporate philanthropy or a side aspect of business practices. It's about how mainstream product marketing can make the world a better place.” – Rich Leimsider, Executive Director of Safe Passage Project (NYC)

  • MORE EXPOSURE TO QUALITY & RELEVANT CONTENT. “Whatever is TRUE, whatever is NOBLE, whatever is RIGHT, whatever is PURE, whatever is LOVELY, whatever is ADMIRABLE – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” – Letter of Paul to the Philippians (4:8 NIV)




  • Extensive use of deep learning algorithms & data science. Information is the new gold. We would like to help society not to get lost in the complexity of the coming information explosion.

  • Application of behavioural science in digital media. One of the problems being addressed with artificial intelligence is that it's not human enough. We are also in the quest to turn this around in our favor.

  • Ad-like distribution of content, automated marketing & exposure. This is the future of advertisement. We aim to put an end to click baits, trashy and false ads, and the rat race of businesses to our pockets.

  • Use of branding theory and profiling for unique media experience. Automation is the new household of content creation. As a content creator, you do what you're best at, we do the rest.


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The Founders



Fiery Agramon - Nostra Ventures Corporation

Fiery Agramon

Business Strategy, People & Finance, Behavioural & Data Analytics

Fiery is the founder of two micro enterprises in the Philippines: a food retailing company and a boutique consulting firm. He has set up business process outsourcing services and retail businesses from scratch as part of his corporate employment.


He is a senior management professional, tech-savvy, and performance-driven with over two decades of practice in various corporate fields and in many roles, he was recognized for his innovations to increase market share, grow revenues, optimize costs, enhance customer experience, and leverage on talent. His early career life was spent with a non profit organization creating multimedia, communication, and education campaigns for a highly urbanized local church community and an eco-spirituality center in a nearby rural province.


Being deeply involved in the ecological movement, popular education movement, community arts and theatre, and creation spirituality, he gained exposure and mentorship from masters in the field from the Philippines, South East Asia, Europe, and the U.S. With this he developed a deeply connected purpose and passion to actively support and promote the well being of the the poor and of the environment, and help individuals reach their full potential.

Edneil Jocusol

Engineering, Research & Development, Product Design, Marketing

Edneil is an electronics and communications engineer with specialization in robotics and process automation, instrumentation, and control systems. Currently engaged as an engineer in the Middle East, he handles electro-pneumatic control projects for various sectors, also conducting trainings, consultation, and technical support.


He started as a microchip layout engineer in a Japanese semiconductor company in Manila, designing and manufacturing for global tech companies such as Samsung, Apple, Bosch, Toyota, etc. He is a writer, photographer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and lead vocalist.


Due to his various online engagements venturing into a photography blog, writing for online media, building his own websites, and e-commerce business, Edneil developed the building blocks of Nostra and committed himself to pursue the cause of hundreds of millions of "little ones" through this platform.

Edneil Jocusol - Nostra Ventures Corporation
Rey Leonard Dumasig - Nostra Ventures Corporation

Rey Leonard Dumasig

Software Architecture & Development, Quantum Computing, Service Delivery

Rey has been grinding since his early years working his way up from being a bellboy, to service crew, and now running his own software development company.


He started with a corporate job and held various mid-level to senior-level positions in the outsourcing industry until he decided to take a degree in computer science as he saw opportunities in the technology sector. Before acquiring a degree he founded a digital consultancy firm that grew from 4 part-time to 25 full-time employees.


Rey's passion is to train and develop tech talents in rural areas and to help them become globally competitive software developers and technology experts.


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