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Apply as a beta tester and help shape the future of Nostra!


We are one family! And Nostra is dedicated to the hundreds of millions who are worst affected by the current crisis. So we want you to be part of how Nostra will evolve into the future.


Nostra is working on an innovative digital platform, and we are currently looking for beta testers to help us deliver this exciting next generation of mobile application.


Beta testers will get an exclusive first look at new features and functionality, while helping drive development. Active beta testers may be rewarded with free premium subscription to our platform plus many other benefits when the Nostra's beta cycle is done.


We are now accepting beta testers if you are from any of the following careers or professions in the creative sector, AND you produce ORIGINAL CONTENT:

• artist, architect, designer (any type)
• performer, dancer (any genre)
• singer, musician, instrumentalist
• author, writer, blogger
• vlogger
• teacher, trainer, instructor, professor
• photographer
• professional (engineer, physician, lawyer, scientist, management professional, consultant, researcher)
• those in the R&D industry, cultural or recreational activities, computer and information services, audiovisual services


You can be among the first to experience Nostra and get an early look at this new technology, please click on the link below to apply for Nostra's beta testing program. We are excited to have you as part of our testing team. Thank you!

Apply as a Beta Tester

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a private link to install the app in your phone.